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A reporting project investigating the economic impact of refugee crises.
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#RefugeeEconomics is a reporting project headed by journalist Flavie Halais. It documents the lives of refugees in East Africa as they survive, and sometimes thrive, through work and business, and looks into the economic impact of refugee crises on host countries and cities.

In Uganda and Kenya, we met with hairdressers, tailors, journalists, restaurant owners, taxi drivers and dozens other refugees looking to utilise their skills or build new ones to provide for themselves and their families. Here are their stories.

Our articles and pictures have been published in Le Monde, Jeune Afrique, Citiscope, and more. We also organise photo exhibitions and participate in events related to refugees and migration. Stay up to date with the project by reading our blog.

The knowledge behind #RefugeeEconomics is based on reporting as well as research produced by universities, research centres, humanitarian agencies and NGOs. We’ve compiled this research for individuals and organisations who wish to delve deeper into this topic.

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